Executive Evaluation

How well positioned is your leadership team?


The executive evaluation tool is a neutral appraisal of external experts, with which it can be shown whether the individual manager or management teams are suitable and equipped to cope with current and, above all, future tasks. Among other things, it is clarified whether the management is capable to achieve the strategic goals of the company against the background of changing conditions in terms of training, experience and personality.



The tools of executive evaluation can be used to answer questions such as

  • Is the management team able to develop and implement corporate strategies that ensure the long-term viability of the company?
  • Is the interaction in the management team value-driven and goal-oriented or is it burdened by counterproductive, non-factual friction?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses in leadership and leadership behavior?
  • What further development and training needs do the managers have?


  • When significant changes are pending in the company, the industry or generally in the economy
  • In the event of a fundamental change in strategy
  • In the event of a change in the circle of shareholders, supervisory board, chairman of the board of directors or generally in top management
  • In the event of mergers, joint ventures or acquisitions and sales
  • Situation analysis and status-quo determination
  • Assessment of organization and management, in particular strategy, corporate philosophy and values
  • Clarification of future task requirements for the management or the candidates on the basis of corporate strategy, corporate values and the needs of relevant target groups
  • Definition and determination of the instruments used
  • Four-eyes principle: The executive evaluation is always carried out by a consultant tandem
  • The results are summarized in a structured and comparable results report
  • Emphasis is placed on experiences from past collaboration, observations of demonstrated performance and behaviour during the executive evaluation
  • Briefing of the consultants regarding corporate strategy, values, structure and target group by the client
  • Definition of the assignment
  • Definition and elaboration of the relevant requirement profile as a basis for executive evaluation
  • Conception of the defined process and the contents
  • Informing the target group about the objectives of the executive evaluation
  • Implementation of the executive evaluation and use of the following instruments: psychometric and aptitude diagnostic test procedures, work samples, presentations, structured interview, case study
  • Interviews with companions from the past or 360° feedback
  • Development of recommendations for management development measures, if necessary also for organizational development, if necessary making personnel decisions
    • Management retreat with clients: Coordination of the results report with the experiences from the past cooperation
    • Feedback interviews with candidates
    • Implementation of recommendations for action in concrete decisions and measures
  • Briefing and basic concept, recording of corporate values, strategy and structure
  • Information for candidates
  • Development of the specific contents of the Executive Evaluation
  • Preparation, implementation and follow-up of measures
  • Individual and company-related results reports
  • Management retreat
  • Feedback interviews